The Importance of Mental Health Days and How to Take One


Mental health day? What is that? A mental health day is a day devoted to your wellbeing. It’s when you take the time to give your mind a break from the common stressors we all face on a daily basis- work, balancing family and social life, financial responsibilities, working out, you name it. We both deserve and need a break from all of it every once in a while!

Did you know that over half of workers in the United States end up skipping out on their vacation days? Taking time to rest is vital when it comes to getting your work done efficiently and effectively. Here’s how you can take a mental health day.

1. Mark it on the calendar

That’s right. Schedule yourself a mental health day and don’t you dare cancel! If you need to, choose a day or time period where your workflow moves more slowly. This can help you stick to it.

2. Commit!

Plan something fun! Something that you are unlikely to cancel on or reschedule. This could be a spa day with a friend, going to see a concert, taking a day trip, whatever you want.

3. Set boundaries

Let everyone know of your plans and who is welcome to reach you and who will have to wait until you get back. It’s hard to have a mental health break with your colleagues breathing down your neck and trying to get a hold of you by phone, email, and/or text. Don’t be afraid to set your boundaries. You deserve a day to yourself.

4. Send out an away message

Piggy-backing off of tip #3, make an extra effort to let the office know that you are away for the day by sending out a message. You can even set an automated response to your texts and emails that explain you will be back in the office the next day and are currently unavailable.

5. Let go and trust your colleagues

A true mental health day is about letting go of stress and taking a break. Trust that your colleagues can handle their jobs (because they can) and any problems can be addressed the following day.

It’s important that we all take mental health days on the regular. When’s the last time you took one yourself?

Greg Burzynski originally posted this article on Medium


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